Our full spectrum of plate processing capabilities enables Valley Iron process steel plate by punching, drilling, plasma/oxy-fuel cutting and part marking, all in a single process. Our plate processor is an efficient and cost effective method for processing plate products for structural steel fabricators, OEM equipment manufacturers, tank manufacturers and those hard-to-find or very expensive farm implement parts.

Valley Iron can process stainless steel plates for food processing equipment manufacturers, machine shops and water treatment facilities.



  • 1/4″ thru 4″ thick plate using a Hypertherm 400XD high definition plasma
  • Drilled holes in 3/8” and thicker plate
  • Drilling capabilities 9/16″ thru 3″ holes (in 1/16″ increments)
  • Threaded holes in 3/8” and thicker plate
  • Counterboring and countersinking in ½” mild steel and thicker


  • 2” thru 6″ thick plate using oxy fuel cutting
  • 12ga. thru 1 1/2″ thick plate using a Hypertherm HPR 260 high def plasma
  • 12ga. thru 2” plate using a Hypertherm HPR 400 high def plasma
  • Beveling capabilities up to 45 degree bevel in 1-1/2” thick (Knife, Knife with landing and K bevel)
  • Table capacity 144″ wide x 540″ long


  • Up to 6” plate using Flow Mach500 waterjet
  • Table capacity 78″ x 150″
  • 87Ksi cutting pressure

Watch the Peddinghaus FPDB Plate Processing Systems in action.